Project Type: Commercial / Office

Location: Herbert Macauly Way, Yaba, Lagos

Project Status: Completed

Client: SNOW MicroFinance Ltd

Located on a 460sqm site along Herbert Macauly way and in close proximity to Third Mainland Bridge, this office was designed to accommodate dynamic business operations and cater to staff services within the limiting space constraints of the site while still creating opportunities for modifications and expansions in the future.

Designed with a flair for contemporary and sustainable architecture, It features an entirely open ground floor for car parking and three suspended floor levels for the offices with scenic views of the main road and neighboring environment.

Eco-design strategies were employed in the design to reduce solar heat gain in the building by incorporating glass in the north-south axis where the sun was less prevalent and tailoring the roof design to create ample shade for the building against harsh solar heat penetration on the east-west axis.