Project Type: Residential Estate

Location: Ikoyi, Lagos

Project Status: Design development Stage

Client: Private Client

This is a townhouse development located in Banana Island, Ikoyi. It features 6 units which are organized in a linear form along the main road connecting to it.

The development has an outdoor recreation area consisting of a swimming pool, gym, garden and terrace located on the east of the site while access, services, and parking are all located to south (approach end) of site where visitors/users may proceed into the more private domain of each unit.

Each unit is planned on 3 levels and each consists of 5-bedrooms (all ensuite), inclusive of a master bedroom located at the second level enjoying a generous roof-terrace and scenic vantage of the neighboring areas. Staff accommodation is attached to each unit.

A contemporary architectural language has been employed to define the building form. The use of a bold material palette defines the protrusions; horizontal rails that accentuate horizontality and aluminum pergola’s for shade all come together to give an “afro-modern’’ feel to an essentially masonry building.